We are a team of researchers interested in seeing our research being applied to real everyday situations in order to benefit people (translational research).

To do this we collaborate with a range of small to medium size businesses, elite sports-persons, patients and other academics to aid in development of tools which can help clinical diagnosis or help reduce the environmental impact on current conditions.

We also investigate the application of current technology, attempting to improve use to help in diagnosis.

Our current areas of research are:

  • The impact of sports and daily life on the mechanics of human body function.
  • Assessment and development of tools used for diagnosis.
  • Assessment of Raynaud’s phenomenon diagnosis and glove development.
  • Chiropractic clinical research

The current research themes and technologies include:

Sensor based

  • Ergonomics
  • Temperature assessment (using InfraRed imaging and discrete sensors)
  • Biomechanics and Proprioception (using sensors, goniometry and laser based technology).

Manual skill based

  • Clinical and educational research
  • Manipulation & Palpation studies

Please follow this link for more detail on our specific research projects.

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