Post-graduate research students

Present research students

PhD Students

Tahwinder Upile

PhD by portfolio student with an area in Orofacial surgery

MPhil/PhD graduates since RAE2008

Mohsen Kazemi A research candidate on the PhD by Portfolio pathway, under the supervision of Prof McCarthy. Mohsen is an associate professor at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)“THE ATHLETIC PROFILE, RATES OF INJURY AND WEIGHT CYCLING IN TAEKWONDO ATHLETES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO COMPETITIVE SUCCESS”.

Nadia Nair
PhD: Monitoring changes in seating

Vince Cascioli – PhD: Comfort in seating

Martin Young – PhD: Management of GORD by chiropractors

Robert Simpson – PhD

Waseem Jerjes – PhD

Martin Bricknell – PhD


Ceri Ann Jones
My research area combines my chiropractic qualification with one of everyone’s favourite pastimes: sleeping; this along with low back pain or rather the effect of different types of mattresses on low back pain.

Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos – MPhil