Comfort Seating

This is part of a long term sitting experiment involving nerve stimulation to ascertain changes in conduction velocity associated with immobility

This area of endeavour involves an on-going collaboration with a number of university based and industrial partners.

The University collaborators include the Centre for Excellence in Production Engineering (CEPE) Glamorgan; Motion Analysis Laboratory (Univ of Wales, Swansea) and

The Industrial partners include: Invacare LtD, MagStim LtD,Synidor Ltd and Synhome Ltd.

This research is based around the discovery of objective indicators for a persons comfort when seated. It forms an integral part of the biomechanical research activities of the research unit in as much as the study will be determining aspects of the biomechanical and neurological impact of long term immobility (sitting) on the body (both distally and centrally including the core musculature and flexibility).

One of CTDRU’s post-graduate PhD students worked on this area of work (V Cascioli) alongside PhD students from CEPE.

This project benefited from a CIRP grant (£200,000 + matched funding from industrial sources)

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