Range of motion: most of these studies utilise the CROM instrument. This area of endeavour is used extensively in manual therapies as an aid in both diagnosis and rehabilitation uses. Determining the reliability of change in a person’s active range of motion following injury gives an objective point of reference for both patient and clinician, with respect to restoration of function.

Rugby Union

We are currently working with elite female rugby union players and assessing neck function- actve cervical range of motion (ACROM), thanks to the Welsh Rugby Union.
We have previously published articles in elite male rugby union players, looking at neck function.

Abstracts can be seen here:
Effects of a rugby playing season on ACROM
ACROM and proprioception in rugby vs non-rugby players
Effects of a single game of rugby on ACROM
ACROM recovery following the rugby off-season

Touch Rugby

We are currently looking at international female touch players neck function comparative to internatonal rugby union players.
We are also undergoing injury surveillance at all levels of the sport in Wales.

Rugby League