Sports Rehabilitation and Prehab



1) Previous work in this area was concerned with the biomechanical changes in healthy subjects which occur as a result of supplementation with Glucosamine. This compound is used by many of the patients we see at the outpatient clinic, however there is little evidence supporting it’s claims with regard to back and or neck pain. The work was done in collaboration with Health Perception Ltd.
Full article can be read here:Effects of glucosamine sulphate on spinal height

2) The effect of glucosamine supplementation on active neck range of motion in asymptomatic humans found that there was a significant decrease in the glucosamine group compared to the control group (placebo).

Abstract Here

3) The effect of glucosamine supplementation on biomechanical parameters showed a trend towards a decrease in lumbar flexion (lower back forward movement) and an increase in overall height was found.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a popular and physically demanding Yoga style. Although there is growing concern about the potential risk of injury from Yoga practice, there has been no research to date on the relationship between this form of Yoga and musculoskeletal injuries.

Full article click:A Survey of Musculoskeletal Injury among Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practitioners

Tai chi

Tai chi chuan (also taijiquan) is a traditional Chinese martial and healing art. The ancient Chinese relied on this and similar movement ‘therapies’ for health and longevity. Western research into these types of activities has been slow, but in the past decade we have seen an increasing interest with researchers investigating an array of health issues that may be affected or influenced by practicing these arts.
Lead and coordinated by Mark Langweiler, current research into the efficacy and effects of tai chi chuan include its effects on blood pressure and the effects of regular tai chi practice on core balance in elite rugby players.
Dr. Langweiler is a long time practitioner of tai chi, with nearly 30 years experience practicing and teaching.
For more information, please feel free to contact Mark directly.